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Best of Breed E-Safety Software

We have validated an e-safety product that compliments our school's strategy for parents. As we are not tied into a single supplier we welcome e-safety software companies to engage with us so that we can review and subsequently advertise their software as we want to give parents choice, providing the software helps promote positive e-safety and Safeguarding

Easy to manage parental control software to:

  • Monitor on-screen images for suspected pornographic content regardless of format
  • Monitor multi media (DVD's, pen drives etc) for suspected offensive content
  • Monitor Web pages for pornographic and other undesirable content
  • Monitor and record Instant Messaging applications
  • Control and Block Peer-to-Peer file sharing applications
  • Deliver advanced filtering capabilities
  • Scan local drives for inappropriate image, text and video files
  • Restrict Internet access to certain times of the day
  • Provide fully configurable, personalized profiles for each family member
  • Protect up to 3 PC's or laptops per license

Special offer £30 a year for 3 computers in the home!

For more information or to place an order please e-mail:

Free Resources

E-Safety Policy (alt + f)Develop a policy that staff and students should abide to when they are online, click the link for guidelines on how to develop an e-safety policy.

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Best of Breed E-Safety Software

Acceptable Use Policy (alt + a)We have validated an e-safety product that compliments our school's strategy for parents.

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Consultancy Advice

Consultancy Advise (alt + v) We are here to help you protect your pupils whilst online in your school, and to advise on how to keep them safe when they are online at home.

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